Sparking Her Own Flame (Paperback)

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Sparking Her Own Flame

“When they leave,

they shouldn’t take your happiness with them.

If they did,

it’s time to get it back.”

For those who’ve read Ashes of Her Love, comes the empowering sequel of life after the heartache of an ended relationship. Best-selling author Pierre Alex Jeanty speaks into the lives of the women who are now traveling the road back to themselves after giving their heart to someone whose hands weren’t big enough to hold it.

This gripping collection of poetry/prose was created for women who must put old lovers in the past, leave behind the ashes, and to learn how to kindle their own fire. It is inspiration to face the future head-on with the key to their happiness in their own hands, and love staring back at them from the mirror. Sparking Her Own Flame is the fulfillment of lessons learned, and the inner strength to rise again.   

Ready to fan the fire within? 


72 Pages





Product Dimensions

5 x 0.18 x 8 Inches



Publication Date

August 12, 2019


Pierre Jeanty

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