Loving Me Right

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Falling in love in easy, staying in love is where everything gets hard. The honeymoon phase of relationships exists because people aren't focusing on loving each other right, they are simply enjoying the high of new love. The time to build the relationship eventually comes and it requires proper communication, vulnerability, consistency, facing each other, and facing yourself in the mirror.  

Loving Me Right is an open heart surgery. It cuts through the fears, the doubts, the insecurities, the hurt, and shines a light on unspoken feelings. In this poetry collection, Pierre goes deep to give life to the hidden pain, the unexpressed emotions, and the voiceless desires all for the sake of growing in love. The poems will help the real you come undone in a way that helps your lover get to know the real you and see the type of love you are after. 

Love doesn't come unless the raw version of ourselves comes with it. Healthy relationships requires people do go deep. If you and/or your partner are ready to see the better part of love, Loving Me Right is a must read. This book will not only confirm that you aren't alone but it helps you gather the strength to share certain things, along with finding the words to express some of the deeper matters of your heart. 

It's time to dive deep.

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