Ashes Of Her Love (Paperback) (Signed Copy)



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Ashes of Her Love 

Ashes of Her Love is a reminder that each love you’ve encountered not lasting forever may not be what you expected, but it prepares you to be a better version so that each time you love, you love better, you get closer, and eventually you will find your FOREVER. Until then, you have to continue to let your flame burn bright, and let the love of the past simply be a trail of ashes that lead to what you’ve been looking for…

Ashes of Her Love presents itself as a book that allows you to look at love lost in a different manner…

Instead of pain, and regret, and anger, look at it as a lesson learned…

A lesson in never going back, because if they didn’t appreciate you the first time then why give them a second chance? Knowing your worth and what you deserve is key...

A lesson in love is a never ending journey filled with heartache and pain. But, at the end you learn what’s really for you, who you are, what you want from love, and what you don’t want from love…

A lesson from one single encounter in love is not enough to get to the destination of a long-lasting relationship and marriage, although some luck up and get that. For most it’s an indefinite cycle of learning. That’s ok, because through it all, you get better and closer to what you want with each love lost…

Learning what love truly is, and what its not is a part of the process so when you see that certain relationships and people are NO longer for you it’s okay to walk away, because it no longer serves you best…

    Ashes of Her Love is a book about how through all the heartbreak, you will rise to become the best version of herself. Not because of him, not because of society, not because you MUST, but because you’ve learned who you are and will now be ready for someone to accept the full responsibility of your love, what it embodies, and will no longer accept less than...

    So, if you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, loneliness, felt like giving up on love, or your soulmate doesn’t exist, this book is here to remind you that everything you’ve been through isn’t in vain. Heartbreak and love lost are shaping you so you can express your true self and become the woman you truly are inside all while not settling for anybody who doesn’t deserve the best version of you just because it’s been a long time coming or love has tried to break you down, over, and over again. Trust in the process and understanding that...

    You will rise!


    105 Pages





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    5 x 0.2 x 8 Inches



    Publication Date

    August 12, 2019

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