Why this happens to people with good hearts! (Poem)

The thought keeps running though your mind, 

Why is it that your good heart keeps landing in bad hands? 

Why is your hard love being written off so easily?

Why is it that you have so much for them to take, yet they have so little to give?

Why is it that your needs aren’t prioritized, yet you prioritize even their wants?

A curse, it feels, to have such a loving heart, such a giving soul, such a beautiful love ready to sacrifice anything for the person who looks right in your eyes,

That’s the thing...

 People with good hearts find themselves pouring into un-ready hearts, into already broken hearts that cannot love, bad hearts, people whose hands cannot or are not ready to carry such good thing. 

This is not a curse, but a blessing that those same people who take hearts like yours for granted cannot offer. 

Something this beautiful should not be a burden to you, it’s a gift. A gift you must hold onto despite the experiences that you face. 

There are countless people who let the darkness of the world, the bad they’ve met, the bad experiences that keep their heart from blooming like it should. 

I must tell you,

There’s heaven somewhere after you walk through that hell, there’s someone who hasn’t given up hope while carrying a heart like yours, with the hope find someone like you. 

Love is when two  people with good hearts  endured to meet each other, refusing to let the bad that came  in the way to get in their way. 

 Love comes to the good hearts, it’s looking for another heart like yours to connect you with. 

Don’t you dare change on love.


- Pierre Jeanty 


  • Hazel
    So inspiring😇Thank you🥰

  • Hazzle
    Beautiful combination of words put together to make a masterpiece. Such kind words I adore.

  • Connie
    I need this right now 😊

  • Luisa

    Came a across this FB feed at the right time! Amen And thank you for the simple message And reminder of staying true to yourself!

  • Lori D


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