She said!

She said, “I don’t even have enough strength to survive another heartbreak. If you plan on doing the breaking, please let me know now.”

And my reply was, “I’ve already done enough breaking. I’ve broken up with my past, broke free from my old ways, and only plan on letting the shell over my heart break to let in all the love you have to offer.”


  • Janisse

    I have said those words to him and he broke my heart anyhow, now I just want to love myself and never go through that pain again. Received my books Her and Her 2 cant wait to start reading them. Thank you for your loving and inspiring words.

  • Annie Cefaratti
    I ordered your books and never rec’d them 😔

  • Kristie Townsend

  • Allison
    Those words hit so close to home and were absolutely beautiful! They are more truer than most people realize…

  • ROse
    That is beautiful! Does she truly see this side when it’s just the two of you?

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