"This is not another fight"


The warrior in her knows how to choose her battles,
She has lost enough to know the focus is on the war, 
The war between choosing herself and choosing someone who eats away her joy and only knows how to conquer her heart with everything but, love.

This is not another fight, 
this her wiping the dust off her feet, 
letting everything burn into ashes instead of letting herself get burned trying to keep the fire alive.

This is not another fight, 
This is her lungs growing tired of the smoke. 
This is another fight for you, 
A fight you will not win with beautiful lies and a basket of promises. 
The roses, the chocolate, the gifts are no longer spells.

She is too far gone for you to think your tricks will become the treats that bring her back to your feet.

This is not another fight, 
it’s the overdue goodbye."




  • Rosie
    Everything she thought she new was a lie this is her putting what she needs first but no matter all the advise it cant wont b done until she chooses to stop the fight for something that is already gone or was never there

  • Kristie Townsend
    Love this

  • Sabrina Palmer

    This says it all. And in the best way. It’s true, it’s YOU that decides. Sometimes it’s easier said then doing.

  • Amye
    Resonated with me regarding my 18-year marriage of striving and finally giving it all up…to begin again.

  • Crispa
    We hold on to yet we feel so much pain,yet there is no longer any sort of happiness, saying goodbye is sometimes good for us

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