Really Moving On: Healthy Ways To Let Go & Find Closure (eBook)



There is saying you’ve moved on, and actually moving on by truly letting go and finding closure.  Uncover practices that will bring you some healing, and help you put the past in the past for good.



  • Pg. 7 - The opposite thing you need to do TODAY in order to truly heal and move on! It goes completely against what most people say and that’s exactly why it works!

  • Pg. 9 - The number 1 thing you must do OVERALL and without doing this first, truly moving on and letting go of past hurt will never happen!

  • Pg. 17 - Why allowing yourself to do this one thing will be the most FREEING part of the healing, moving on, and being able to truly love openly again...process!

  • Pg. 24 - Realizing and completing this chapter will make it so that if you ever become damaged from a relationship again, you can easily let go and move on without the years of trauma!

  • Pg. 30 - Why one of the most painful parts of breaking up can be turned into the most POWERFUL part that actually frees you and can help you experience joy.

  • PLUS, a bonus chapter on things you can do immediately. Yes, as in RIGHT NOW, after purchasing to jumpstart the healing and moving on process.

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