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HER. is a poetry & quote collection written to celebrate women. It explores their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, while also laying a foundation for the men who want to hear, understand, connect, and learn about her.

HER is comprised of 160 pages of words dedicated to helping women see the beauty staring back in the mirror. It encourages women to find the strength to conquer the heartbreak, gain the confidence to bury the insecurities and self-doubt, and even to put behind that toxic relationship. HER was crafted to help remind women everywhere why they are such powerful creatures, and that settling only takes away from that gift.

Thousands of women have already resonated with the prose and quotes found in this book…

“I am her and she is me and we all at some point in our lives have been her. This book spoke to years of silence. Now I know I was not selfish for wanting. I have been deserving.” - Deidre B. 

“The poems in this book are simple and straightforward, but they are packed with truth and insight. The author's ability to put into words how most women want to be thought of by the men in their lives is right on point. His advice to men would change their lives if they would take it to heart.” -Jacqueline


What you should expect from this book: 

Words that will make you feel understood 

✔️ Confirmation to stand in your truth 

✔️ Words of affirmation to help you on your journey of self-love

✔️ Boldness to be who you are 

✔️ Confidence to no longer settle

✔️ To be touched in a deep but encouraging way

and much more.



160 Pages



Product Dimensions

5 x 0.4 x 8 inches



Publication Date

February 11, 2017


Pierre Jeanty


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Note from the author:

I wrote HER in a way to echo the things women have been asking of men in their love life that yet keep falling on deaf ears. It was a way for me to use my platform and my gift to help highlight women’s needs. This short body of work has been and is being celebrated by so many women because they feel heard. They feel like their feelings are valid, that they are not just their emotions, and that men everywhere are now given the opportunity to “get it.”

Join the countless readers who have enjoyed the beautiful and empowering words written in HER. Place your order today to start your journey of connection within the pages of this honest and inspiring work.

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